May 26, 2020


Refer to the hard disk documentation supplied by hard disk vendors for jumper setting instructions. Other combination not listed below will function as single-channel DDR. To clear the warning message, set the field to Reset. If you have changed this setting, you must let the system boot up until it enters the operating system, before this function will work. You may need to run the Setup program when:

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Do not cover the openings. How can this be resolved. Enabled Enables the onboard Floppy controller. Wish you best of luck.


Specific Key for PowerOn This setting allows users to set a password max. You may choose the provided sound effects, and the equalizer will adjust automatically. Even though MAT is easy to use, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk at all.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Headphone for the common headphone b. The module will only fit in the right orientation.

Please help! driver needed MS-6728 ver2 – MSI 865G NEO2-LS (MS-6728) Motherboard

Gold arrow Please note that any violation O of the correct installation pro- nsi may cause permanent damages to your mainboard. However, if any program writes to this memory area, a system error may result.


The selection will not make changes to the settings in the BIOS setup utility, so next time when you power on the system, it will still use the original first boot device to boot up. To operate properly, at least one DIMM module must be installed.

I was expecting some improvements in v3. Parallel Port Mode This item selects the operation mode for the onboard parallel port: Once the password is disabled, the system will boot and you can enter Setup without entering any password. Always A password prompt appears every time when the com- puter is powered on or when end users try to run Setup.

Installing The Audio Driver – Msi MS Manual [Page ]

This section covers some very technical items and it is strongly recommended mwi only experienced users auvio make any changes to the default settings. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection hence protects the equipment from overheating.

Then, detect and initialize the video adapter. Using 2- 4- or 6-Channel Audio Function. If any of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by a service personnel: When adding or removing expansion cards, make sure that you unplug the power supply first.


You can connect a network cable to either LAN jack. Ms audio from the Win98 floppy. Go to the MSI ms audio site and find your board.

Available settings for each item are: Even though ms audio didnt go up all that bad. If set to Setup, password prompt only occurs auio you try to enter Setup.

Meanwhile, read the msj for the expansion card to make any necessary hardware or software settings for the expansion card, such as jumpers, switches or BIOS configuration. Set to Disabled only if you do not want to use any USB device. You will be prompted to confirm the password.

I keep getting bad links or discontinued support blah blah. Connect the fan power cable from the mounted fan to the 3-pin fan power connec- tor on the board.