October 9, 2020


First, take a look at the following links: Unfortunately, there is no immediate access to them, so every time you’d like to clean them, you have to take the laptop into pieces. What I’m referring to specifically is all the multi-colored squares across the screen. Fitting the left heat pipe:. You have to remember that you should drag the WLAN cables onto the other side of the case and connect them in a proper way the white one – 1; the black one – 2 with the module.

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Now, you should disconnect three connectors of the motherboard see the last picture: I have checked the tempature of the GPU – highest I have seen is 72 Celcius – which isn’t really that bad. Could this be a heat related issue or just a driver problem? So, I put on proper gloves and antistatic armbands, and worked on top of a grounded anti-static pad.

When we’ve got so far, maybe it’s time optionally to disassemble the cooling of the CPU and exchange the processor itself.

Graphics Issue (artifacts?) while gaming | NotebookReview

Even dedicated GPUs are usually soldered to the main board. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Finally, the keyboard including the power switch has to be put on the top cover. Detailed information about upgrading or replacing a notebook’s video card can be found here. I have a stock G1.


nVIDIA GeForce/Quadro XTreme-G MobileForce XP M4 Windows XP | Opendrivers

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Hi All, Hoping you can help me resolve the graphics issue I’m having while playing EQ2 mobilfeorce provide suggestions. One has to carefully lead both antenna cables of the WLAN card to the notebook’s top side. You’ll notice, when the card is in its place.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

go7800 OC Help

That is your only option. If you do not want to disassemble the card, and would only like to exchange the thermal paste, it is enough to unscrew four large screws affixing the radiator itself. Share This Page Tweet. I Clocked it at Mhz, from Nvidia tool, I clicked apply these settings at start up, and when i restart, it start with Mhz.

When you’ve managed to get rid of all the screws, mobilrforce time to remove the card. I failed to remove the radiator, as it was fixed too tightly.

Try to remove the video card by holding it perfectly horizontal. They don’t interfere with one another in any way.


Be careful not to pull the whole thing out of the printed circuit board PCB. Don’t forget to reconnect the power switch, the touch pad, and the K4 battery.

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E1705 (9400)

Here is the site: IWroteCodeMar 14, Now, it’s only a matter of screwing it in. After fixing all the parts of the cooling system, you are about to set up mobilefocre top case and mount the display. Best Displaysfor University Students. Dismantling the video card manual from the Dell’s website: This occurs in either mode after a certain period of time – about an hour give or take.

The driver problem will be harder since Vista drivers still leave a lot to be desired. You can wipe it clean mobilefofce clean it with compressed air. The standard clocks for the GTX card: