August 6, 2020


Preheat the components and the board to within oC of the soldering temperature for a minimum of 60 seconds. Our products are not designed for aviation, medical, automotive or life supporting devices. A cable that contains a pair of twisted pair wires with no shield. The standard unit for expressing relative power levels. Comm on Mode Rejection dB min. High ethical standards and fairness are an integral part of our total effort.

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Refer to the primary inductance, it impacts the low frequency roll off of the transformer.

We will utilize our expertise in design for cost effective, yet highly reliable solutions to exceed the miccom of our customers. To Common Mode Rejection dB min. Wurth Electronics Midcom, Inc.

000-7090-37 Datasheet PDF

Choke Inductance 36uH Min. The range of frequencies a transmission line or channel can carry: Range Schematic Mechanical 1.

A mdcom of experts that establishes electrical specification standards for electrical devices. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Contact Wurth Electronics Midcom for additional information. Electrical Characteristics for individual part may vary; see specification sheet for actual values. Schematic 3 Schematic 4 Details subject to change. In all cases, gradual cooling to room temperature is recommended. The leakage inductance is the inductance measured at one winding with all other windings short circuited.


Missing terminals 5 and 11 for keying midclm.


C om m on M ode R ejection dB typ. Cross Talk dB typ. A Physical Layer definition that includes specification for physical cabling plus the method of transmitting data and controlling access to the cable. Electrical characteristics vary between part numbers, see specification sheets. High ethical standards and fairness are an integral part of our total effort.

Another term for an inductor which is intended to filter or choke out common mode signals. Missing terminals 4 and 13 for keying purposes. Our pride in workmanship, ingenuity in design, and strong work ethic help accomplish our aggressive goals.

Return Loss dB m in.

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Category 3 cable CAT3. The maximum ac or dc specified voltage that may be continuously applied between isolated circuits. A cable that contains a pair of twisted midcoj wires with no shield.

Common Mode Rejection dB typ. The coil winding connected to the input power available. It measures the ability of a device in reducing common-mode noise. Return Loss dB typ.


MIDCOM datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Several factors contribute to our tremendous success. See specification sheet for individual part number specifications. May consist of inductors, capacitors, and resistors. The term is loosely used also to include coupling mdicom higher frequencies.

It connects two or more computers in a workgroup, department or building so those computers can exchange data via cables or broadcast devices. The mechanical and electrical interface that enables like devices to connect, using different pin-outs, avoiding conflicts that occur when receiving and transmitting packets use the same pin-out.