May 29, 2020


While the implementation of the technology is somewhat different, the goal is the same: Why are there no values shown for this golf club? Thanks for your help,. As an engineer, I know that some of that yardage must be attributed to a poor fit on my last club Talormade , even though I had it “fit”: They were and I have told to get better set to get my handicap lower but I’ve tried lots of other clubs but no news good as these. You currently have javascript disabled.

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These hybrids really improved my game. The tour model is a tad heavier, which helps accuracy somewhat.

I was able to hit fades and draws without any problem, and I was even able to play the ball back in my stance and keep it down under the wind on one blustery day. I don’t buy into alot of marketing hype, but I am significantly longer with this driver as stated above.

MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 Tour Driver

Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe. My Talormade is for sell for sure now I purchased this driver Two weeks ago and its is very long, and true easy to work the ball and not much spin!! Progressive tungsten weighting throughout the set helps optimise each club for the job it was designed to do, concentrating mass low and deep in the long irons macggregor closer to the face in the short irons.


In this age of exotic shafts, consumers want to see a big-name shaft in a driver, not a proprietary model. I hit a 5 iron yds. MacGregor is renowned in Japan for making high-tech gear from the finest materials.

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I had trouble with the driver at first because the shaft was too long. Great club and nice looking to. The way the shaft is a little behind the face looks like you can knock the crap out of it.

Very good feel and sound, with a penetrating flight. This reduces stress on the face and makes it possible for the face to be thinner toue more lively over a larger area. I believe the face alignment and heel weighting on the tour determine the ball flight, but then again-wait til outside.

That will be remedied soon though, a I love this driver better than any of the modern day drivers on the market. Thanks for your help. Lots of bold kacgregor and angles on the tri-plane sole, and plenty of logos and lettering. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf club has no value!

MacGregor NVG2 Tour Driver

Another guy bought the regular model right when I got there-he said that it felt great, sounded great-but the monitor speed was off, too high. The hosel of the club sits a small distance back from the face of the driver, which helps keep the ball from going left.


A pair of 1. The loft on this is a Some of the extra distance is made-up by the strong lofts – the 7 in the set is hour like my old 6 iron. The noise was a little loud, but coming from an FT3, I suppose anything sounds loud! Dark grey almost black head, cool grip, speeder shaft, 1-degree open face, et kacgregor. I love this driver!! There really is something to this club’s cup-face design as I find it forgiving all over the face.

With the Fujikura shaft, it plays exceptionally, and can handle the fastest swings any pros would expect. This club will be in my bag for a long time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted 21 February – Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.