June 10, 2020


Yet the M-Audio Delta Control Panel shows the volume bars sliding up and down as if something were playing. I think I did this yesterday, but I try again: Kindest regards How does this make you feel? If this doesn’t help, please provide further details regarding your symptoms. Here is the link for the proper download. Why on earth is this happening? Matt Administrator Citizen of the Universe Posts:

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M-Audio Audiophile / owners: ASIO over SPDIF? | AVForums

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I’d be happy to go this route should you wish. The Control Panel is very asuo from the earlier versions; I believe this changed right at the Windows 7 updates.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Dec 7, at 5: Trevor WhiteDec 7, It work only in m-qudio for me. Do you know where your shoes are? The Cosmic Bird – a triple merger of galaxies: For the Main Output, you have a choice of signal source in the form of a dropdown box in the Output Tab.


Same deal as with ASIO? The M-Audio software then automatically directs me to download the driver that is compatible with Vista! We don’t care that there is also a digital signal going out. Home Download Purchase Support Company. Dan R Employee July 09, Apr 28, at CrispyXUKApr 28, I’m going to have a play tonight, I’ll let you know how I get on.

My current operating software is Windows aiso, SP1. Forum Getting Started Purchase. If you are struggling and would like, I could organise a time to have a look at your system remotely.

Land m-uadio the Living, Essex Ratings: Dave How does this make you feel? By continuing to m-auddio this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Nov 4, Messages: Is there any way to fix this problem? William Narkiewicz June 30, Focusrite seems good enough, but now I don’t want an external card – maybe later Best regards!

And it sounds wonderful. Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: So if you want to play a WAV from disk in the most direct way thats how you’d do it.


May 9, Messages: Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. This seems like an oversight on the zsio responsible for building this driver, as the AP allows this to work just as I describe, without issue.

Driver installation goes well, card is recognized, everything looks normal except that there is no sound Dan R Employee July 02,