August 5, 2020


Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? From here , for example, preinstalled Linux doesn’t mean anything. When you tried Linux on hardware last time and with which distribution? That would make sense. You need to submit a support ticket to talk to AMD. They basically ruin everything they get their hands on. This file is automatically generated by mhwd with the following content:.

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Test Setup Page Reached target Multi-User System. Linux functions well or functions poorly with the particular device components or chips used in the system, and it is those that you should seek to verify for their function with linux.

I do know that in looking at web pages and editing photos and working on spread sheets etc. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. This content has been marked as final. Ever since kernel 2.

Yes, I meant “Legacy mode”. That support email link is here: You need to submit a support ticket to talk to AMD. But there are a lot of problems with fglrx, starting from non-working cursor after installation of the driver, finishing black screen.

The gigabit speed network has always worked. Why were there gaming benchmarks in this review? And that is just nasty.


[ubuntu] AMD G = No sound + Choppy Video

Reached target Graphical Interface. Once I’ve got that part settled I’m ammd sure I can figure out the rest. I know how to rescan the scsi bus so it should find e-sata stuff but my notes are at home It’s really frustrating, as I replaced all my wires with Cat6 and upgraded my switches to gigabit to prepare for this install only to be limited by USB transfer speeds The same goes for Frogatto,2D game which works perfect with opensource drivers while closed source ones cause screen tearing on certain places.

I wonder what stack you did installed on your setup?

AMD 780G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

Thank you very much sir. As linux is not coming in handy to normal users. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of these licenses, you do not have a license to any of the AMD software provided by this download.

It would be so if user is sure that proprietary driver will work on his hardware Only time we’ve driven to a certain city by car, so in some sense it is a good memory. Error message says that this GPU model is unsupported?


So yes, the performance in Linux is definitely sub-par compared to the competition or even just swapping to Windows Like some others have said. Another solution would be to switch to the Wayland liux instead of X.

Linux and the Amd 780G chipset

If so, why radeon driver does work with such BIOS? Can I use the same procedure for Debian 9 as for Ubuntu If you are running only one and intensive application at any given moment, then it is a function of how that application was coded and most of them even graphics and heavily numeric programs aren’t coded to use multiple threads. Thus it uses more power; some will have to upgrade causing needless waste. The OS can’t make a single threaded application get performance from multiple cores.

UEFI mode is disabled in my case, so this shouldn’t be its blame