June 27, 2020


Oct edited Oct Sign In or Register to comment. Feb edited Feb Sign In Become an Icrontian. After lots of searching i found this thread. The weird thing is, i can just log in fine on my lvl 1 character. Try the Vista driver for Windows 7.

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It’s not even yet. I downloaded the drivers you supplied thank you but my problem is the card isn’t listed in device manager.

Nov edited Nov Message 7 of 20Views. Finally I managed to install it and make it work using standard Windows 7 drivers.

WMP54G and Windows 7

What’s with the Expo thread already? So had to write a new one again.

This driver works perfectly for me! Now they want to charge us a second time for righting the wrongs in Vista.

*FIX* Linksys WMP54G v4.1 lag on Windows 7

Jasdemicould you do me one favor? It’s impossible to know what Linksys does and does not refuse to do. Jun edited Jun Try the Vista driver for Windows 7.


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Message 10 of 20Views. Message 2 of 20Views. I installed back the original linksys drivers and the freezing stopped. OK, now I need help. Dec edited Dec Ljnksys here is a fix for people with the WMP54Gv4: Apr edited Apr Hey, wanted to know if you had the bit version of that link as I’m not running the bit windows 7.

WMP54G and Windows 7 – Linksys Community

It will increase your latency and cause outrageous packet loss. I tried it out and i have a problem, i have the WMP54G v4.

S ps sorry for the weird posting, posted it this morning and foudn out it was double posted then tried to edit it and delete one but the whole post got deleted. Sign In Become an Icrontian. I would think that any time I’m uploading something, I’ll probably face linskys same issue. After lots of searching i found this thread. I’ve tried a dozen suppliers, Amazon and Googled until my fingers bled but I just can’t wo54g one for sale in this beleagured little isle of ours.


Oct edited Oct I nearly decided to go draw another cable Please see the attached image to see the driver installation procedure.

*FIX* Linksys WMP54G v lag on Windows 7 — Icrontic

Windws — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool. Hi, i have bought a new pc recently and i was having problem with lag issue and random gamefreezes for sec and then everything moves again in high speed, for my game World of Warcraft. WMP54G and Windows 7.