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I have not had much of a chance to use HF on it yet but having a bit of a listen to some HF channels this morning has shown it is capable of picking them up fairly well, KHz and KHz are two I have been getting very well. You won’t go wrong with this receiver. Auto memory write scan searches for a signal. Copyright Universal Radio, Inc. So over all I am quite happy with it. I would have liked to have seen more than 25 channel banks from the beginning. Six forms of scanning are supported.

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According to the S-Meter level, each channel status is visually displayed by three background colors.

IC-PCR Downloads – Icom America

As far as receiver performance – it is excellent, it really can receive anything and everything that is out there. I also bought the remote head, which was an option, and it came bundled with Bonito software in addition to the Icom software. One of the best features I have found is the 25 channel kc mode monitor; basically it allows you to program 25 channels and watch on the screen as they become active, you then simply click on the active channel and you hear the audio, I think I am going to get a heap of use out of this feature, I was using it last night for a while and it was really good to be able to see what channels were active and simply click on them and hear the audio.

The selectable filters are nice, but I would have liked have seen a fuller range audio across the board. When you pct1500 a signal you want to listen to, click the waveform in the band scope screen and the receiving frequency moves to the clicked frequency.

Icom PCR 1500 SDR Receiver

I wonder if the built-in downconverter for the higher frequencies has any kind of attenuation effect on other frequency ranges?


I then tried the Icom software, it worked okay but was full of bugs, and quite restricted in functionality.

It also allows you to hear or record the sound on your PC. Replicating a piece of hi-fi equipment, this displays basic information such as frequency, whilst still providing immediate access to the important controls including volume and 5 quick access memory buttons.

IC-PCR Communications Receiver – Specifications – Icom America

This provides higher data transmission speed and allows you to transfer the received audio to the connected PC through the USB cable. Eliminates pulse type noise such as engine ucom noise. While looking at the Icom firmware download page, looking at IC updates, I noticed there had been several new firmware AND software updates for this receiver since I had bought it.

I tried for days to get the Bonito software to talk to the without success. The radio’s kind of “deaf” under kHz and over mHz but it still holds it own very well. Incredible coverage is yours with reception from 10 kHz to MHz less cellular and minor gaps. I thought it was me, but then I looked at the reviews for the Bonito software here on eHam, and everyone says the same thing. I have tried several other SDR receivers and not a few non-SDR looking for one that covers all of the bases well and this is the one that I kept.

Adapter will be required to connect to the PCR The AH comes with a preassembled 50 foot cable with an N connector at each end.

They are all set up as web controlled receivers, and all work quite well. Coverage is from 0.

When you click a channel button on the screen, you can easily start listening to the selected channel. Remote head use The remote head works very well and that’s how I use it most of the time, as it has a 3.


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In my experience and for my use, this radio is a solid winner. Copyright Universal Radio, Inc. This scanning power provides the utmost efficiency when searching a wide frequency range. I tried a little bit of HF iv the laptop to control it but I was getting too much RFI from my laptop to make it worth listening.

This might be a good option for somebody who wants to mount the R unit away from the computer and use a shorter coax cable for less signal loss, maybe in a roof or somewhere like that. I also had a bit of a listen to HF with about 20m of wire hanging pce1500 my car and a tree up there and it seemed to work ok, I did notice some broadcast band signals between 2MHz and 30Mhz but I guess given where I was that is not really unexpected. PC use The first step to getting the R working with a PC is to install the software and driver that comes on the enclosed CD, this is a simple process for anybody who has ever installed software before and only takes a couple of seconds to install.


Searching each of the following bands with the mobile aerial showed the following: Multi channel monitor function This function allows you to observe the status of up to 25 channels on the screen at a glance. AH Outdoor omni-antenna with 49 feet lead-in covering MHz. Not all the features that you can use via the PC are supported on the remote head but there are enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

Six forms of scanning are supported.