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Tue Jan 01, 4: You’ll want the other devices available anyway to be able to mount the filesystem’s on them. I have no icons on my desktop???? Download What’s New Quick Specs. Keep the floppy drive connected. Finally it installed, but now it crashes pretty often.

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Belmont Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: The only solution was resetting the computer and letting it do it again, then resetting the computer and letting it do it again, and so on until on the 5th or 6th reset, when it would suddenly work fine again. Crashed rzid the time. Sometimes, though–like, once every couple of days–the pause would continue indefinitely and the system would hang.

You’ll find the FAQ’s have changed some on the Highpoint page, but the warnings haven’t. I haven’t switched to the 2. To solve this problem you can do the upgrade as below: Senior Technology Editor et Subscriptor.

Anybody have problems with WinXP and HPT370 controllers?

Keep the floppy drive connected. As the raid is devicw the firmware and not in the chip itself, kernels such as Linux that access hardware directly cannot use this code and need to do software raid. Thu Jan 03, 5: Tue Jan 01, 6: No shit, it couldn’t find “system”. Now when RAID is selected in the main award-bios, it loads grub from the rootsector, you can pick XP or a debian kernel.


Re: Help needed on HPT/ controller

Here’s what happened to me: I fetch the highpoint proprietary drivers version 2. No errors on installation. Oct 17, Posts: Feb 25, Posts: If you remove a disk from the controller but the software does not notice this event, it is also unable to notice the event when you plug another disk back to that location.

Running grub when linux is resident in memory prevents it using the bios routines, and consequently it sees the raw drives rather than the fakeraid array.

Sun Jan 06, 3: Go to that cevice in hexedit and write some words around that mark that you could easily recognise or search for in hexedit later.

Missed CDrom and usb devices. Next time, it installed, then duing the install, it gave hpr370 a number of error messages.

Wed Jan 02, Aug 26, Posts: Jul 20, Posts: Tue Jan 01, 4: It stalled and crashed. Tons of problems, I was surprised it even installed in the first place.


HighPoint HPT370 HTP370A HPT372 Driver Disk

This only seems to create the mapper devices devics the array is activated, and that was during the initrd, so they’ve disappeared by now. The fakeraid array can now be configured as the start device, and it’s now possible to start into XP on raid, or Debian from the non-raid disk. Very weird since the motherboard seems to be keeping time well. However, this is only valid for linux up to 2.

XP chainloads the XP loader from its bootsector. ATAPI support depends on the driver version being used.