May 25, 2020


We rounded up our favorite gift ideas so you can check off everyone on your list. When it’s not tethered, the Dual Cam runs from a standard nine volt battery. You can store at least 60 pictures in the Dual Cam’s internal memory in this mode. The nifty red coating might have something to do with reflecting unwanted infra-red light, or it might just be cosmetic. This problem, though, wasn’t a software one.

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The Pro Cam doesn’t have any of these problems, except for rather slow gain adjustment in by mode.

Ezonics EZ-801 PC Webcam

Built-in mic with RightSoundIt gives you clear conversations without annoying background noise. But it’s cheap and cheerful, has flexible features that are actually good for something, works fine as a webcam, doesn’t eat its battery too fast, and has a decent software bundle.

But for a webcam with its features, at this price point, you can’t complain. Still a lot dimmer than daylight, but considerably brighter than the average indoor night-time scene. If you then save it as a JPEG file, you’ll be recompressing it and making it look worse.

But you still ought to get more than three hours of on-time from each battery, and maybe as much as five, depending on how you use the camera. Nifty curvy styling, with the lens sticking out of a fake ball-turret.


It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an o It features world-class VGA optics with 1. Ideal for IM Iinstant Mes There’s also a built-in microphone behind the two tiny holes to the left of the lens. Plus, it can seamlessly switch between mouse and camera modes in a split second.

Every camera comes with basic driver software, of course; you set them up by installing the driver, then plugging in the camera. Video Worksa more capable editing package that includes luxuries like effects. If you transfer the images again, it comes good. This one’s Good quality. You can store at least 60 pictures in the Dual Cam’s internal memory in this mode. This problem, though, wasn’t a software one.

Ezonics EZphone Cam – Review – PCMag India

Key Features and Benefits: Photo Resolution see all. The EZDual Cam, on the other hand, has proper non-volatile storage. It comes with what’s rather grandly called a “quality PC headset”, as well, but that’s actually just an in-ear earphone you can plug into esonic sound card’s headphone output. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.

Ezonics – EZ Phone Can 3 In I Ez | eBay

Enjoy true-to-life video calls with twice the image clarity of conventional webcams, thanks to the precision-engineered Logitech Q Suitable for videoconferences, this wide-angle webcam has a built-in stereo microphone to let you talk freely while it captures crystal-clear voice quality.


The EZDual Cam also has Ulead Coola panorama stitching package that lets you take an arc or circle of overlapping pictures and fuse them together.

This item has been fully factory tested to insure its ability to function properly. It has a built-in microphone and a fun, flexible design.

Ezonics EZphone Cam

But it’s not for advanced users anyway, and the camera works OK with NetMeeting. Box is a little cough from being stored. The focus ring feel isn’t as nice as the Pro Cam’s, rzphone it’ll do. For cheap video cameras – as opposed to the much more expensive Olympus – this qualifies as “low light”. The Best Ezoniic of You can do it easily enough, using a TWAIN driver that can be accessed by the bundled imaging software, or pretty much any other image manipulation package.

It’ll give you dark and grainy results from many webcams. This item may have minor scratches, and or minor blemishes.