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The cheapest computer that I can build is based on the Pcchips Via board with onboard every thing and soldered on Via ‘Gigapro’ C3. But they’d been promising Xeon and it wasn’t ready, so they were forced into it. What it’s about is that Intel was lying through their teeth. Aug 15, Posts: May 20, Posts:

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I originally ordered the Tualatin P3 1. But they’d been promising Xeon and it wasn’t ready, so they were forced into it. Mon Feb 25, 5: OldDodge at hmail dot com.

Answered on Dec 24, But if you want to use this as a server, it’s osund all good. Right now we only use Asus boards, but if there is another brand that is good and a lot cheaper we may consider it.

Intel D815EGEW, Socket 370 (BOXD815EGEWLU) Motherboard

Two pin DIMM sockets for 3. Interesting, the fact that it booted with the processor tells me that Intel decided to add a restriction to not allow use of that processor so you have to buy a more expensive board.



Answered on Apr 28, Yeah, I wish it was GB. Chuck, thanks for jumping in on this. I’ve found it typically not what the motherboard company says for processor support, but the chipset support. As I originally suspected, the heat-sink and fan are the holdup.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DEGEW

I have a feeling most people would miss their floppy drive, even though they would hardly ever use it. I’m trying to put together some suond systems that do not suck for my company to sell.

Otherwise, a lot of the market would have been lost to AMD. Feb 16, Posts: Tue Feb 26, 5: Downloads are grouped by d815efew.

That’s all I can help. I suspect the already d815dgew it, but the BIOS doesn’t like to admit it. Still, it seems that there should be an adapter out there to handle this sort of thing if your motherboard doesn’t.

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Popular Tags power switch Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: So, I went for the 1. May 19, Posts: So they labelled the PIII as a ‘server’ chip and jacked up the price to put it out of the market for regular desktop use, so they could force people onto the P4 platform. I think I’ve got a Socket 7 HS and fan on one of my 1. Answered on Dec 05, It’b been conjectured that Intel brought them out only because the Xeons weren’t ready yet.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the VIA C3 processor? It should support any hard drive or solid state drive with a sata interface.