February 20, 2021


I only wish I had found it before I invested in two new black cartridges when I should have been investing in a new printer. Click the Page Layout tab and select the following page layout settings as necessary: Finally got my black ink and now I find out why it’s not working. Just reset ALL your ink cartridges when you change one, and you will be fine! When the cartridge is empty, that circuit knows there is no more ink. So I guess I won’t be printing anything.

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What a silly thing. For photos and graphics with good quality and speed. Then see Customizing Windows Print Settings for instructions.

Cleaning the print head | Epson Stylus CX User Manual | Page 30 / 48

Are you using a factory new ink or toner cartridge? Is there no honor left in the world????

So I guess I won’t be printing anything. I just replaced the black ink, but the printer still won’t work. I wish i were rich i’d start a class action against ALL these coporate pigs feeding from our hard earned bank accounts I have the same printer, came free with the laptop. If you do not use your Epson Stylus CX often, it is a good idea to print a few pages at least once a month to maintain good print quality. You may damage it.


It was free anyway right? Posted on Jan 22, Be the first to answer.

Choose the right printer settings. Then I’ll go buy a printer that works properly and avoid every Epson product. Repeat steps for each cartridge that you need to dx4200.

Cleaning the print head – Epson Stylus CX4200 User Manual

Posted on Apr 28, Be the first to answer. Nothing fancy, just black and white!

Such a waste of time and money. The download page does not mention this. Remove the new cartridge from its package, and lower it into the cartridge holder. Cleaning the Print Head. Answered on Apr 29, Answered on Nov 19, They work fine and I don’t reward those corporate dogs c4200 thought that they could bilk money from me.

Never turn off the Epson Stylus CX while head cleaning is in progress. Thanks for posting this guide here ;rint helped me a lot and also cx420 informative content will help many others like me very well done keep writing and keep spreading the light of knowledge and if you want any technical help visit here Epson Printer Help Number UK.


For more information on page layout settings, click the? After repeated emails with HP, in which I carefully followed their instructions, they just stopped answering. I was searching on internet from long time. If your printouts are unexpectedly light or faint, or you notice light or dark bands across your printout, you may need to clean the print head.

Pinch the front and back tabs of the empty cartridge as you lift it out of the unit. Posted on Mar 26, Be the first to answer. Answered on Jan 26, Thanks for all of your comments.

When you select Photo RPM for the highest print quality, printing will take longer.