October 30, 2020


Installing The Software Driver If a photo is taken when the current folder contains a file numbered , the DSC creates a new folder and stores the new image in the new folder. Recording Audio Clips Press the SET button to confirm the selection. Press the SET button.

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Make sure you have selected the images you want to erase. Once the memory card has been formatted with the FAT file system, it should work in the camera.

Pho- tos in Auto mode are captured by pressing the shutter button and letting the digital camera adjust settings to match lighting conditions, focus range, and other environmen- tal factors automatically. If an SD card is installed, photos and video clips are stored on the SD card.

Using The Zoom Feature Taking Pictures Using the Zoom Feature The digital camera is equipped with digital zoom capabilities that allow you to zoom in on a subject for a telephoto shot, or zoom out for a wide-angle shot.

Page 38 Under Windows The installation message will pop up.

The maximum length of an individual video or audio clip depends on the amount of available memory. Each folder can hold up to pictures. The digital zoom is used to achieve magnification levels up to 4X.


Mac and Macintosh are registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Auto Photo Concrod is the simplest to operate and is recommended for beginners.


For more informa tion as to what functions are available in the Video Mode, see page The camera will power off automatically after one minute of LCD off, press the Power button to turn on the camera. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Auto Photo Mode In auto photo mode, the camera automatically adjusts exposure and white balance to suit the shooting environment.

It takes about 3 seconds to power on the camera. Most support issues are answered in the FAQ section. Manual Photo Mode Manual photo mode lets you set exposure and white balance settings before taking a photo.

Concord Camera Manuals

Cammera the Up or Down button to select the desired image quality. Page 3 Taking Pictures with Self-Timer Switch the mode dial to PC-Cam.

High-voltage internal components create the risk of elec- tric shock when. Auto Photo Mode Press MENU to display the toolbar. Folder numbers start from When the card has finished formatting, you are returned to the LCD preview screen. Taking Camerw with Self-Timer Flash is deactivated in the both Macro mode and Continuous Shot mode.


Concord Camera 3045 user manual

You do not have to print the entire manual Concord Camera but the selected pages only. Turning The Power On Images stored in the memory card may be ruined or damaged if you turn off the camera while it is in process of reading, writing or xamera etc. Press the left and right buttons to select the file you want to print. Viewing Pictures and Listening to Audio Press the SET button to save the setting.

Low Battery Indicator Viewing Pictures in Thumbnail Mode Press to zoom in for a tele- photo shot subject appears closer.