June 15, 2020


The aim of the nm filter was to show how infraret lighting which is truly invisible to the naked eye, is completely sufficient for the camera. Did this solve your problem? Usually I include some con points of a device. Moreover, this Logitech webcam enables you to share your videos or recordings on Facebook or YouTube with a single click. Looking through the filter the room appears absolutely pitch black to the naked eye. I assume you are talking about the c, I never managed to get it fully focused under pure infrared as I couldnt twist the lens any further! Framerate expectedly suffered in low lighting as the exposure was turned up, but remained fluid enough to hold a video conversation.

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You have to move the clips seen below inwards to be able to pull them off sideways. I will expand on this a bit more tomorrow.

Logitech C910 Web Cam

This information is for knowing which M12 lens mount can be attached to it. User Replied on September 17, Screw the lens in as much as you have to to get the optimal focus range back. Audio quality was equally clear and impressive, though only when the RightSound filtration was enabled lest there be a dull hum. The distance between the screw hols for the lens mount is about 16mm possibly When you install the lens camear into famera camera make sure your focus works properly by manually changing it using the logitech software.


I had removed the IR filter from an older Logitech model and I was wondering if the c was similar.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C Review | Everything USB

Or perhaps the significant other you Skype with is a bit nosy. The image was quite good. So far I have had several different web camera, and I was not overly pleased with the quality of the video. In case your readers are not aware of this: I have hibernated anti-viral program during install. Also, if someone knows the dimensions of the original lens holder itself, that could be helpful too. We will provide updates on csmera forum page as we learn more: Any Condition Any Condition.

Logiitech details for additional description. I have a B which physically is the same as a C I tried eye tracking before with an older Logitech that I converted and it worked quite well.

Logitech C web cam fails after upgrade of Window 10 to anniverary – Microsoft Community

Is there something additional to do? The p resolution, however, is only ever handy in the case of taking photographs or uploading videos to YouTube. I have the same question 3.

What I like better about the C is: Timestamps and basic scheduling are supported, though masking zones with independent sensitivities is still a missing feature.


C after conversion with halogen spotlight.

Please inspect the lens closely before you remove it and make sure you remember the exact position it was in. A second hinge just behind the camera itself allows for vertical tilt adjustments independent of the mounting hardware, though horizontal panning is still a lost luxury. It was wearable, head-mounted eye-tracking?

The C is fully compliant with the USB Video Class UVC specifications, allowing it to be used in standard and widescreen aspect ratios on just about any computer without the need for extra drivers. Cameda completing your troubleshooting, restore your system by doing the following:. Access has been granted.

You have to remove the encasing by taking two screws from behind and unsoldering its two pins to expose the filter. I would be very interested to see how ligitech modified cameras perform in the night time under IR LED lights. Unscrewed the lens, removed the filter on the back of the lens i.