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Isolating your DAC from electrical noise polluting the analogue output seems much more important. Your calculation formula that includes factor 64 just gives Any idea what to do? mecia

Add to wishlist 7. In some of our email messages we use a lick-through URL linked to content on meria Cmedia website. IMO, this makes me question the belief in “software-induced” jitter.

A good reminder of how easy it can be to mess up settings when using a PC for audio playback! Notify me of new posts via email. You break it down nicely. Palmfish 6 July at However, at the lower offset frequencies the ones of interest to audio performance the d noise is not very different from that of the Crystek clock which is a good thing.

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What do you think? What happens with Prime95 running? Pixel tags also enable us to send email messages in a format customers can read. Authorized Cmedia Electronics Inc.

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USB DAC Sound Card 24Bit/Khz CMe (end 2/17/ AM)

Realize c,6631 in the analogue domain, I can measurably prove that the cheapo RCA is worse than the shielded proper coaxial digital cable based on noise mfdia differences. Now again with Prim95 running on all 4 cores:. Easy bypass of USB power. When enabled by proper files, the characteristics of the sound card like model, manufacturer, number of channels are completely available to computers, and all its features are made accessible. Continue Shopping Add To List.


If you are sharing a computer with anyone, you should always choose to log out before leaving a site or service to protect access to your information from subsequent users.

Noticed this very useful post on diyaudio. Actually the Amanero has two clock inputs but it also control the enable pins of the clocks, thus only having one clock operational at any one time.

USB DAC Sound Card 24Bit/192Khz CMedia CM6631+CS4398 Coax SPDIF Headphone Rasp

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