July 2, 2020


I can carry the weight; it’s just more of an annoyance to have weight that I don’t really need. I bought mine unfilled. Yeah, that’s not going in the fill hole either. Polystyrene beads will work but are kind of shifty. Who is online Users browsing this forum:

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A rear bag is used with this to hold the rifle steady on the target. I have found you need to vary your powder selection with the bullet weight.

Modern Muzzleloader

I also use the Bull Bag that baag lower and longer. Near double the size of my Tackdriver Bag. Marshall invited anyone who has questions about bag design and bags in general to give him a call Sep 15, Messages: Ever check out the CFX Lead sled? It will be 40lbs lighter, and more realistic shooting from.

Do you already have an account? Who is online Users browsing this forum: I practice dropping it and setting up quickly lying across it with a bipodwith the weapon on top of it traversing back and forth, using the spotting scope wedged in between the pockets for a quick spotting setup, my partner shooting off my ruck while its still on my back, etc.


Polystyrene beads will work but are kind of shifty.

They advised that they use untreated corn cob media in their shooting rest products. SEE ATTACHED Our design is superior over those others, because ours is a patented “X” design that grips the rifle, has a low-center-of-gravity, wide-footprint and weight and balance engineered formula, that is critical to accuracy and repeatability.

The company sales are divided as follows: They appear to be the same bag, but now under the “Bull’s Bag” label. Widen it out a little and rifle will sorta fit inside. The ad states that they “come pre-filled with dry media that’s as effective as sand but much lighter.

Anybody have a favorite “Butterfly” style shooting bag – 24hourcampfire

I don’t even use a rear bag most of the time for that. Anybody have a favorite “Butterfly” style shooting bag [ Re: I filled mine with lightweight kitty litter. My best yard groups have actually come from resting the rifle on a pair of sandbags and squishing them down until the rifle doesn’t move.

I shoot a with a 1: Which is the Best? I have the 15″ Bench model and the Pro model.


Who buys the suede vs. A bipod with a rear sand bag is also quite effective. Most of the caldwell stuff is junk, although I just got one of their bargain bipods and it’s been pretty decent thus far.

I’d go with the latter. Apr 24, 0 0 44 Raleigh, NC.

Caldwell tack driver bag

They are the manufacturers of the original Uncle Bud’s bag. Dec 21, 1, 0 0 38 Ionia County, MI. They also use a polyfiber filling material that can be purchased at Walmart. Or would it attract too much moisture? I haven’t been able to find their bags on the internet or in the Midway catalog, so maybe they are out of business.

If so, Caldsell would guess that the hassle one must go through to fill their bags may have been a cause. It is our job to see that it stays there.