May 29, 2020


Now, you will have your desktop back to normal. I think the error message should have a “Details In attachments there is a modified xorg. Search for without quotes ” xserver ” Now, scroll down the list until you find ” xserver- xorg-video- all ” Mark this for removal. It is indeed a little not logical for Gutsy to recommend to install a driver “In order to use your hardware more efficiently” which then doesn’t support the enhanced desktop features.

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I think that may be something with the ATI video card because i have no desktop effects.

ati mobility radeon m6c-16h driver

I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I usually bookmark or save any fixes that I use. I removed xserver-xgl and then had no lock up at all.

Then after a reboot it locked up approx. But the desktop-effects thing suddenly does not allow me to enable compiz.

ASUS M6C Free Driver Download (Official)

I followed the suggestion regarding the load order of the modules load dri, then radeon ; upon inserting dri, received several messages from the kernel regarding missing symbols didn’t take notes, I’ll try to replicate that and update here. GabrielGrant gabrielgrant wrote on Now when trying to enable the screen flickers and I get a pop-up saying “desktop effects cannot enable”.


I have tried with the Live CD and the result is the same, once it tries to enable desktop-effects by default I get a black screen and the CD stops spinning. Figured out my problem. Now try 3D effects.

Same on my T41, OpenGL vendor string: Attached is the xorg. Basically you can’t do anything.

So the problem is how the radeon drm module is being loaded. How to start compiz in ubuntu 7. Nothing depends on it.

Download ati mobility radeon m6ch driver – rankpostcaserse51 –

It just works for me now. Andrew, your problem is just that compiz is blacklisted for ATI-gfx-based laptops.

No nvidia hardware available Checking for Xgl: Miguel Gaspar ghaspias wrote on Well at least the video, tasks are still running on the machine. Ingo Planz planz wrote on Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on In particular follow the discussion from https: Actually, professordes is on to something: Mm6c output of Xorg.


Forgive the question, but is this the same bug reported here? I will try the work around and see what happens. I know it hasn’t been declared stable yet, but it works. Using Gutsy live cd I found this workaround. I have a X card and it always worked fine with compiz. If I use the “radeon” driver it activates the desktop effects I can see the shadow but the screen hangs immediatly.

Unfortunately it is non-trivial for me to try the new RC disc live, since the X31 has no CD rom drive – it requires the manual creation of a bootable usb key – but like I said, I don’t think that reinstalling vs.

I think that the updated list should be packaged.