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Our members also liked: The problem becomes apparent when you try to incorporate them into a bigger mix or make a MIDI arrangement. Editing sounds is fatally easy, the effect takes some time for the configs effects are fixed and routed in a fixed manner. It has the polyphony, and some useful synth-sounds, the acoustic instruments were not so great , I couldn’t use it for GM. The QS6 uses a very impressive sample set: This synthesizer contains so many ways to vary a sound though that it is almost impossible to retain a certain overview with such a small display.

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More demanding players may want to check out the more professional QS7 76 semi weighted keysQS8 88 weighted keys with piano style hammer action and QSR rack-mount versions.

We can alwsis 2 at the same time, and has really become standard. Would like to kno The QS6 implements the powerful QS Modulation Matrix, allowing users to assign virtually any controller source to any modulation parameter.

Alesis QS6 Reference Manual: Input/output; Midi Out

For cons, the effects are quite qs edit, the structures are quite twisted effects and requires the doc This has been the problem with almost any synthesizer from that time and even up to now! Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable?


The Roland has some interesting sounds, but it falls short on polyphony only 28 voiceskeys no aftertouchand user interface I wouldn’t call it very user-friendly.

Large well-sounding bass and leads many aggressive. Multi-effects reverb, chorus, leslie, overdrive etc It goes through all the genres and also includes a nice FX section pretty good sounding Alesis algorithms.

The upgrade is available free of charge to registered users who have purchased their units after July 1, Some electric pianos and organs are superb. This kit is user-installable and comes with all the necessary instructions and tools.

So far every piece of equipment I bought from Alesis did supply me with a thought out and understandable manual – big props for that!

User reviews: Alesis QS – Audiofanzine

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. These four multieffects program, these filters, modulation matrix Alesis has always been pretty good in making their equipment easily accessible.

There are tablecloths spirals that are excellent and leads that really hurt. Sort by most recent most useful.

I think for the price the QS 6. Do you need a serial cable?

The best sound, probably: What I like most is the fact that for F at the time, I recovered a synth with good effects for the industrial or King Crimson, to note is the synth Reference Keith Emerson, who plays it to the Brain Salad tour, with the sounds of the factorya keyboard on top, unbreakable, look fabulous, metal, and with which I could play any What instrument via expansion cards to fill yourself.


This synthesizer contains so many ways to vary a sound though that it is almost impossible to retain a certain overview with such a small display. A sax does not look like a real sax, but it’s exactly the type of sax, unequivocally. Sound Bridge also allows the ability to playback standard midi files which have been transferred to RAM cards. My friend s think this sound is from the Alesis Quadrasynth series and once again, not QS I’ve heard this sound somewhere and I want A proof of sale is required to receive this upgrade free of charge.

You can use multiple drumbanks and assign them to different channels and use them even together with your G.

Input/output; Midi Out – Alesis QS6 Reference Manual [Page ]

Most sounds are usable as is. Alesis microns multitimbral Hi all Alesis QS8 Tuning Model? Alesis QS6 view image Type: Ideal if you want to Get You Started with a group of friends without breaking the bank.

I let my feelings of inferiority creep out.