August 4, 2020


To configure and operate the AP in bridge mode, you need to be directly connected to the AP Make sure you choose a key that is not easy to guess. However, due to growing importance of data security, it is recommended that you choose a suitable security protocol and configure the AP to use it. Please read this manual carefully before beginning the installation process. If you have assigned a different SSID to your wireless network during configuration, connect to the access point with that name. Using the Air AP Manager

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AirTies RT-211 Firewall

The screenshot below shows the RT Mesh setup screen. After each problem description, instructions are provided to help you diagnose and. Occasionally, a new firmware is published by AirTies to fulfill customer needs. To clean the exterior of the device use a dry cloth.

You can connect the AirTies AP to a wired modem through the Ethernet port to setup a wireless local network and enable your wireless computers to access the Internet.

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Depending on the WEP security type you choose, enter a network key in the corresponding field. At the point where nbps wireless signal from the RT weakens, the AP will boost the signal and extend the coverage area. Wireless N Access Point. This creates More information.


WF Quick Installation Guide. After installing your device, locate the.

Linksys X Advanced Wireless-N ADSL2+ Modem Router –

The AirTies Mesh Technology resolves problems such as loss of wireless signal or limited coverage area often encountered in multiple-story or reinforced concrete buildings. Potr can enable wireless function by checking the Wireldss Network Enable box. If any of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you choose WEP encryption.

It is recommended that you set a password to avoid unauthorized access to this interface. Before using your device, check the wireless mode you. The diagram below is an example of the AP’s use as a bridge connected to a printer.

Choosing Appropriate More information. Be sure to keep all user documentation More information. Preparing For Installation The installation settings of the AP must be done from a PC that is directly, not wirelessly, connected to it.

After installing your device, More information.

The individual reading More information. Call AirTies Technical Support.

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Do not use the phones connected to the device during lightning storms. On the computer s that will be connected to the AP wirelessly, start the utility program for the Wireless Access Card e.


Wireless Mini Travel Router. In the Address field enterthe default IP address of your device, and press Enter.

There are no user serviceable components inside. The AirTies Mesh Technology is what makes this possible. This manual will instruct you how to configure and manage this CPE, enable you to use More information. Manual Overview This manual guides you through the steps necessary for setting More information. Do not turn the device on or off. How do I configure the wireless printer without a network cable and install the printer driver in Macintosh OS X?

The lower the transmit power, the smaller your wireless range will be Setting the Operating Mode The AP is a 3-in-1 device: Initially, leave this field blank and continue by clicking “Submit”.

The “Local Area Connection Properties” window will appear. You may refer the Quick Installation Guide in the package box for more information.