April 8, 2021


This does not work because Windows CE is a reduced operating system. Data compression enabled default. Can anybody help me on this. After a while, the speakerphone user decides to turn the microphone back on mute off. Function Sets the microphone receive gain. How did you get it working? SelectTerminal tmpTerm ; ea.

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Displays the range of supported timer values.

Agere AT Command reference guide |

Articles Quick Answers Messages. Now in speakerphone mode, connected to the line call is answered. Each result codes has a number assigned to it see Result Codes on page Where from can I get these symbols? Displays the current V.

Voice Modems Used By Other Users – General – VoiceGuide

Now in data mode, still off-hook and connected to incoming call. The default is Code 1 2 3 4 84 Definition No previous call. Set beep tone duration timer. Meaning Enable or disable modem on hold. Specifies the length qave time in minutes that the modem will wait before disconnecting when no data is sent or received.


Reserved for call negotiation reports. Next, go to that directory and edit “LTSMvxd. Terminates the test in progress. This character can be used to edit a command line.

On-line changes do not take effect until a disconnect occurs. NET as the platform. Dialogic ProLine 2V has wafe a great piece. I your Version i tryed it with invoke an it worked verry well. General bit-mapped options status.

Plus is licensed for the end customer. However, the standard does not include the additional functionality added with the D3 command.

The rate report is an intermediate result code. It is transmitted after any modulation, error agerw, or data compression reports, and before the final result code e.


Plus are multiplied by ten. Remark This is not an End User License, its purpose is to be used during engineering and for promotion at a customers site. In particular bits 16—19 of the sequence define hold time.

Transmit HDLC data with n carrier. Plus also attach some addendum to the imported name to create the DMS name. The modem logs aspects of its operation for each call and saves these results in volatile memory until cleared by one of the following events. Characters such as spaces, hyphens, and parentheses are ignored by the modem and may be included in the dial string to enhance readability. This can be quite long and of course Visi.


Than you get the possibility to move the GE window by the arrow key of the keyboard. In originate mode, the timer is reset upon detection of an answer tone if allowed by country restrictions. Hi All I am trying to play a sound modem device. This command is only supported when V.