May 29, 2020


After all, big names in the golf industry — Callaway and Nike — have pushed square drivers on the market with others Nickent following. High-MOI clubs, like ultra-game-improving irons, benefit the higher handicapper. Share this with your golf buddies: To further reduce spin, chose a shaft that has a stiffer tip. And then I started smacking some range balls. This Titleist D1 is one of the best drivers I’ve ever hit. I now have the R and will be moving to either the D1 or 2 drivers.

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The d1 does have bad looks and the d2 looks better and sounds better. Odds are, one may make its way into your bag.

Today’s Golfer

This is taking into account ALL drives and not just a direct comparison between my longest drive with each driver. With both of those clubs, here were the stats: Either is fairly straight, though you titpeist have to try to miss the ball to hit a bad shot with the D1.

If you cannot hit your SQ, do yourself a favour and try this driver. The weather broke in January for a day and I took my new driver out for a spin. I have never had formal lessons or instruction, so 20 years of bad habits needed to be broken.

Titleist D1 Driver Review – Golfalot

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. My swing speed is only mph. I usually don’t play the shape of shot I really titpeist or need at that present time, so this club’s tendency to want to travel in straight line was very much welcomed. It is nearly impossible to turn it over and hit a draw.


Titleist 907 D1 Driver

Because of it I bought a D2 … with Zcom six shaft! Suddenly, I was on or around the green in regulation on almost every hole. So, your needs tend to be quite unique. Buy the Titleist D1 driver from 2nd Swing and get a great deal when you trade in your used clubs, either in stores or online. Other than the above, most of the rest of the club is true Titleist. What a great combination.

This triangular driver from Titleist is a solid addition to their prestigious set of equipment, and it is performs about as well as any other similarly constructed driver. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Making it tjtleist a playable driver for those that work the ball. It totally flew past my playing partner using a Ping G2.

Titleist D1 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. In testing on the titlelst, even the most dramatic slice or hook swing produced a much straighter cut or draw than the swing deserved. Needless to say my shots scattered left and right, trajectory was dependent on how open the club face was;thus,I had NO consistency.


My barometer is the 17th hole at my club, a par-five with a fairway measuring only 17 yards in width seriously.

Which of the two is better for you? Was there a big difference between the d1 and d2 of forgiveness? Thank you for your response erik, and so sudden. The D1 is perhaps the loudest driver Titleist has ever made, but as with the D2 and perhaps due to the all-titanium construction, both drivers still sound rather good. Club head is very forgiving and sends the ball deep. I did also find that the standard stock grip was unusually small even for my average hands, which titelist me a little wristy.

Halfway through my 6th round it just clicked and I started bombing it. As a 14 handicap who struggles most with his short game, should I consider either of the Titleist Drivers D1,D2? Coming from a 2 year 97 hardly used Nike SQ. So now, it was 3 days, 36 holes and hundreds titkeist range balls to get used to the adjustments.

I have never been more pleased with a club in all of my life.