May 25, 2020


Ah, that makes sense. Originally Posted by dchang0. As mentioned above, both of the reverb tank coils should have one side referenced to ground. The voltage at point A is low, but that would just make the amp sound kind of dark, some people like that. Also what is the purpose of the resistor change, is due to the change in resistance at the reverb pot?

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It’s the triode where the reverb gets blended back in and the combined signal goes on to phase inverter ie. It works perfectly to spread the dial of the verb out, but for some reason those 12AU7 tubes ran way hot, much hotter than any of the other pre-amps in the amps, everything is old stock tubes, Mullards, Brimars, GE’s, etc.

For now, I’m prepared to just use the amp as is. Thanks eeverb much, guys! As mentioned above, both of the reverb tank coils should have one side referenced to ground.

Taming the reverb on a super reverb. | The Gear Page

I have come up empty at some other forums and I took the amp to 2 techs in my town who were stumped. It might be possible to drive another amp’s tank while the tank is in the other amp to test the drive circuit, but this is risky. The problem then was a gated effect but lately I get nothing at all. Happy to help as time permits.


My first port of call would be to check for signal at the plate of V2A. If he has room for an extra socket, he could do a 6CG7 or double up the sections of a revrrb and then use a separate 12AX7 for recovery Thanks Mark, Any comprehensive advice rdverb bleeding filter caps, i know that i can short them out with crocodile clips, insulted wire and a resistor, obviously checking the voltage of the of the caps with a multimeter.

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I can say for sure that the tank is not connected like the drawing. I looked at an Ampeg schematic and you’ve got R9 and R8 connected incorrectly.

Results 1 to 25 of BibsJan 30, Signal tracing- the best way to do it is with a sinewave generator and an oscilloscope. What I haven’t mentioned is that this design is based on a boutique amp which in turn was almost entirely based on the Gibson Scout. I don’t think it’s your primary problem, but you should fix it before going further with the troubleshooting. Have you checked your drive signal on the send side of the tank yet?


Given that you’re getting loud? Like a said before, increase the cathode resistor to 2. I want to thank you guys for the help! You would like to see V or so. Share This Page Tweet. The impedances should be fine as it is an Ampeg-style cap coupled design which uses an Accutronics 4FB tank. A safer test might be to grab a pair of cheap computer speakers or headphones and hook them to the reverb driver RCA out.

Jan 31, Trace the signal and find out where you’re losing it. If you’re not seeing signal driving the tank, then check the grid of V2A for signal.

High voltage can be dangerous Awesome–glad you fixed it!

Some of what I came up with is from gut shots pics of one of those. That input impedance makes all the difference. Jan 30, 7.